The best distraction πŸ˜

“I’m tidying my room” I stated confidently. A trip to the local supermarket and I was fully equipped with bin liners and fruit smelling surface cleaners. My good intentions to make constructive use  of the time ‘she’ was sleeping soon went out of the window as soon as  I came across these. 😁

 The cards marking the past year. Words of the growing love and a friendship that I seriously couldn’t live without. She is my other half. 

They are safely tucked away again now but my smile is still on my face as I think of how far we have come. 

This past week I have spoken to my childhood friend I have known since the age of 11 and a friend who I have worked with for 16 years. Neither of these women know me like she does. Her instant connection is like a warm hug and I know she feels it too. 

P.s As I was about to finish this post she messages me… Like I say she is my other half and my very best friend. 


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